Streamlined Business Compliance Tools.

EmployeeMetrics™ applications are easy to use tools tailored to businesses that want to understand and reduce their exposure to labor and employment litigation.


See how EmployeeMetrics can help with managing your employees.

ETA™ - Employee Tracker App

Allow managers to track in real-time who is working, how long each employee has been working, and when breaks are due.

Employee Q ™

Simple and direct form questions that close the loop on whether employee breaks were taken, waived, skipped,or not provided.

Manager Q ™

Employee forms empowers upper level management to make informed decisions regarding a manager’s compensation.

EM Time Clock ™

Provides an easy-to-use timekeeping system. Valuable for businesses that do not currently record hours electronically. Communicates directly to ETA.

EmployeeMetrics™ helps employers focus on their business rather than litigation issues by supplying them with easy to use compliance tools.

  • Our suite of applications work for any businesses with full-time and/or part-time employees.
  • We’ve successfully integrated our Employee Tracker App™ (ETA) with the timekeeping system Homebase.
  • We’ve built a stand-alone timekeeping system for beta testing purposes and/or for businesses that do not record hours worked electronically.
  • The software suite includes applications that work on smart phones, tablets, Macs, PCs, and other smart devices.
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Our ETA™ Employee Tracker App is available on-the-go at the Apple app and Google play store.

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