Labor Compliance

Works alongside your current timekeeping system

Stress Relief

Let us take on the stress of keeping up to date with labor compliance for you.


EmployeeMetrics® prevents labor infractions from happening.


Let us show you what is going on in real time during your operational hours.


EmployeeMetrics® is the first of its kind. We made this product just for your business' needs.

Peace of Mind

Let us handle the heavy lifting for you, so you can focus on running your business.


EmployeeMetrics® makes difficult compliance issues easy to address and navigate.
EmployeeMetrics Live View™

Labor Compliance at a Glance

We know that labor laws are complicated and overwhelming. Not to mention, they can lead to very expensive and frustrating lawsuits for any type of business, big or small. We also know that meal and rest premium payments can add up fast and take away from your bottom line.

That is why we created EmployeeMetrics Software Solutions™.

This easy to use software is the simplest and smartest way to save you money on a daily basis and gives you the best protection against legal action.

More About Our Software

A Real-Time Look at How EmployeeMetrics® Benefits Our Customers

Using EmployeeMetrics’ software, this well known establishment in San Diego, California was able to reduce their break violations significantly over just a few months.

Their cost savings and break compliance increased, making them less vulnerable to lawsuit while keeping the same staff productivity level.

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Seamless integration

EmployeeMetrics Live View™ is available across all iOS & Android devices, as well as any device with a browser.

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