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Wage and hour compliance presents challenges for all types of businesses

  • Overtime and meal/rest period laws are complex, particularly in California
  • The minimum wage continues to increase
  • COVID-19 adds to the list of responsibilities
  • Managers are responsible for enforcing wage/hour policies in real-time

Wage and hour litigation is expensive

  • Settlements typically cost employers 6-7 figures to cover:
    • Damages – Back pay awarded to employees
    • Interest – Typically 6-10% simple per annum
    • Penalties – Additional statutory fines
    • Legal fees – Defense and administrative costs
  • The cost and exposure is larger if the case goes to trial

EmployeeMetrics® has the solution that can help you and your employees.

The Employee Tracker App™ is the simplest and smartest way to reduce your wage and hour compliance costs.

Provides real-time visualization for shift length and meal/rest period management

Viewable on any device with an internet connection

Designed to sync with a business' existing timekeeping system

Push notifications to smart devices and end-of-day reports are available for managers and business owners

Employee Tracker App™ is available across every device and operating system. It complements the following timekeeping systems:


*If your timekeeping system is not listed above and you are interested in our product, please contact us. We are constantly working on adding more timekeeping systems to our list.

Wage and Hour Compliance at Your Fingertips

Our ETA™ Employee Tracker App™ is available on-the-go at the Apple app and Google play store.

Some of Our Clients

The Employee Tracker App™ is the first of its kind and offers a simple solution to counter the high costs of wage and hour compliance.

Reduces operation costs

  • Pay fewer meal/rest premium payments
  • Mitigate the probability of incidental overtime, i.e., over 8 hours in a workday in California

Makes it easy to manage breaks in real-time

  • Display when meal/rest periods are scheduled
  • Show by when breaks must be taken to remain in compliance

Gives managers the ability to recognize timekeeping discrepancies in real-time

  • If an employee forgets to clock in or out
  • If the timekeeping system is down

Promotes transparency

  • Allows both managers and hourly employees to view timekeeping data in real-time
  • Arms managers with meaningful information so that deficient breaks are addressed swiftly.

Reduces litigation exposure

  • Increases the likelihood that employees take legally compliant breaks
  • Demonstrates a good faith effort to provide breaks

Frequently Asked Questions

ETA is designed for any business that currently has its employees record hours worked and breaks through an electronic timekeeping system.

EmployeeMetrics serves businesses in a wide range of industries, including:

  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Manufacturing
  • Health and Beauty

No. ETA is designed to integrate with the existing timekeeping system.

ETA displays the following information about hourly employees during their shifts:

  • When they clocked in
  • When they are on break
  • Whether and when they already took breaks
  • Whether they still need to take a break
  • Whether they did not record a compliant break

Hourly employees can view ETA if it is displayed on a centrally located device. For instance:

  • A smart TV
  • A tablet
  • A computer monitor
  • A Point-of-Sale device

EmployeeMetrics obtains employee names and/or ID numbers, job titles, and timekeeping data.

EmployeeMetrics does not obtain any of the above pieces of confidential information.

Currently, ETA is compatible with ADP, Clover, Heartland, Homebase, Zenoti, and TSheets.

We want to serve you! To do so, we are happy to work with you to assess what is involved in constructing a new integration. Most new integrations take approximately one month to complete.

The default setting on ETA is 10 hours. ETA users with company permissions (e.g., business owners) easily can adjust this setting.

ETA’s default settings are based on California’s meal and rest period laws. ETA users with company permissions (e.g., business owners) easily can adjust the placement of these icons. In general, EmployeeMetrics recommends using criteria that align with the state and local labor laws that apply to your business.

With few exceptions, lag times are less than 2 minutes and usually under 30 seconds.

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