Our Story

Meet the Founder

Dr. Brian Kriegler is one of the leading wage and hour experts in the United States.  He earned his Ph.D. in Statistics from UCLA and his B.A. in Mathematics/Economics from Claremont McKenna.  He has been retained in over 300 litigation projects (and counting) in which employers were sued for allegedly failing to comply with state and/or federal labor laws.

Dr. Kriegler’s decades of consulting and testifying experience led him to see a common theme: getting sued is avoidable.  He challenged himself to develop a solution that helps employers comply with complex labor laws and address potential violations without disrupting their ongoing operations.  EmployeeMetrics® was founded to address these challenges.

You lock your business' doors at night, right? Protect them while they are open as well. I created EmployeeMetrics® to be that protection.

Brian's Case That Started It All

Early in Brian’s career as a statistical consultant, he was contacted by a mid-size restaurant chain that had been sued for unpaid overtime and meal break violations. This class action lawsuit potentially included several hundred former and current employees. Potential exposure was $20-$30 million and most likely would have crippled the business.

Brian and his colleagues conducted a workplace audit to collect data on the relevant issues. The data came back very positive for the restaurant chain and suggested no widespread issues concerning unpaid overtime and missed breaks.

The parties ultimately settled for $800,000. And, the employer had to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in defense fees. This employer unknowingly made a common mistake by not being diligent about collecting data on a regular basis. If they had a system in place for tracking their compliance, they would have been able to avoid a large lawsuit. Even if they had been sued, the end result would have been a quicker resolution, lower settlement costs, and smaller attorneys’ fees.

Following this experience, Brian was motivated to create proactive solutions for businesses striving to be in compliance with labor and employment laws. Brian proceeded to have many discussions with business owners and attorneys about how to get in front of legal issues. EmployeeMetrics® is thrilled to help businesses offer tools that promote efficiency and that do not disrupt the normal course of business

Our Client Mission

At EmployeeMetrics® our clients are our whole world. We created this company just for you because we know the success of your business matters. We act as a trusted advisor you can rely on to keep you safe. We like to think of our company as a suit of armor for you. We have your back when it comes to all things labor compliance. We know the rules and regulations are constantly changing, we stay on top of them, so you do not have to. Let us be your eyes and ears when it comes to hourly employees. Our mission is your mission, success.

Our clients are our top priority. I know you value your business running smoothly and it is my mission to help with that. Agility, efficiency, and seamless operations are at the forefront of our client service.

Our Technology Mission

We created our patented EmployeeMetrics® Software to incorporate seamlessly into your Point of Sale system. We designed a stress-free installation process so there is no downtime between product installation and EmployeeMetrics® use. We designed a simple interface to make interaction with our software easy and efficient. We wanted to make sure you do not have one more thing you have to stop and learn. We designed our reporting to be what you need, when you need it. Our goal is to get your business up to speed with our products quickly and so you can get on with your day.

I believe technology should be easy to understand for everyone. I designed the EmployeeMetrics Live View™ to be easily accessible to all users. Technology should never hold you back. I believe it should help, support, protect, and elevate your business.

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